Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Spring may not be quite official by the calendar yet, but budding trees and flowers everywhere have me believing in it!  Here are some pictures from a springtime walk Alfie and I took yesterday on one of our nearby trails.  I think he enjoys the break from our regular routine!

deer leaping out of the brush onto the road; sunlight slants across green grass in the background
Half a dozen beautiful deer bounded across the road as we drove up...I would've been interested to see Alfie's response to them, but he was lying down on the floorboard like a good boy and never saw them.

Alfie and I walking along a wide path through woods; he's in his work jacket, on a loose leash, tail wagging as he leads the way

Of course, even on a relaxing hike through the woods Alfie practices his job.  We worked on loose-leash walking...

I'm seated on a bench, Alfie sits facing me
...finding a seat...

rear view of Alfie sitting in front of a metal garbage can; he's getting a treat for finding it he's finding a trash can.

closeup of tiny, bright yellow flowers in a field of green
Spring flowers were everywhere.

looking up, you see tree branches covered in snowy white blossoms; a bird's nest is right in the middle and in the background is bright blue sky with a few white wisps of cloud
These birds have a nice view from their nest!

closeup of a cluster of white flowers; the middle is green, with an explosion of white stamens coming from the center of each bloom; each stamen ends in a bright yellow dot of pollen
Each blossom is like a work of art.

Alfie standing next to yet another park bench.  Does he think I'm really tired??
I admit, I didn't actually ask him to find this bench at first!  On our last walk here (over a month ago) I had Alfie find me this seat.  When we went back yesterday, he remembered exactly where it was and eagerly wanted to take me there again.  I had him "steady" first and then told him that yes, he could "find the seat." 

my treat pouch is kind of big and blurry in the foreground, and you can see Alfie's face behind it; he's clearly hoping for another treat!
Ha ha, I call this picture "treat bag cam"!

a tiny rivulet of water is flowing over limestone; I've crossed and am bending over calling Alfie; his back is arched like a cat's as he delicately steps across
Alfie found the narrowest place to cross, sat politely...and didn't want to budge!  I had to step over first (not even a big step, as you can see!) and encourage him across, silly boy!  And this, out of a dog who loves water.  Go figure!

Alfie sits alertly beside me as I tell him what a good boy he is
Good walk, buddy!


Ruby's Raiser said...

Love the photos and great loose leash walking! We will use your post as an inspiration after our disastrous attempt yesterday at loose leash walking around damp, squishy, and wonderfully-smelling wooded areas! :)

Becky said...

Sounds like such a delightful walk with such a good boy! I love spring.

Sierra Rose said...

Alfie!!!! You are just such a love and pal! Great walk, wonderful job finding the bench, and narrow creek crossing!!! Bravo sweet friend!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose