Thursday, September 29, 2011

Funny Face

I have tried for sooo long to catch this photo.  Now, I know it's not great quality or anything, but it's too funny not to share.  Probably someone out there needed a laugh today.  Probably someone out there was just thinking:  "It's been a horrible day.  I'm really down and need something to make me laugh.  I need a picture of Alfie's Deranged Pig Impression!"  If you are that person, what can I say -- it's your lucky day!

Alfie's in his crate resting, his nose smooshed up against the wires; his nose and upper lip are kind of pushed out, showing his teeth


He actually does this a lot.  Do you think it looks comfortable?  No, me neither!  But he is not explaining why he does it.  Your guess is as good as mine.

In the meantime...yeah, we've moved!  Alfie's been busy supervising.  Of course.

Alfie's in the van, standing between the driver's and passenger's seats and facing back over a sea of boxes that have been loaded up for moving
No, actually, the Borders box should go on top.  Let's do this right!

I think he wishes this sleeping bag were still on the floor, like it used to be when we were at Grandma's house.

Alfie's standing next to a bed and resting his chin on the sleeping bag that is on it.
Hey, where's my air mattress? It should be right here, with my sleeping bag...what do you mean, of course it's my sleeping bag...

Alfie smiles a big welcome from our new front door!
No place like home!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Friend

On our walk yesterday morning, Alfie and I met this friendly horse.

looking through a barbed-wire fence into a green pasture, you see a cream-colored horse

This morning, as we approached the pasture, the horse was way off on the far side...but oh, how Alfie wanted him to come over and say hello!  He sat politely and snuffled the air, hopeful. 

side view of Alfie's furry face as he stares intently across the fence

Sure enough, the horse saw him and pricked his ears...then cantered over to investigate.  So fun to watch them touch noses.  Somehow I wasn't quite able to catch it with the camera, but you get the idea!

the horse's head is reaching through the strands of wire to reach Alfie; he and Alfie have just been sniffing each other's noses

But what really made me laugh was that after a couple minutes, the horse put his head down to crop the grass by the fence.  Alfie, seemingly intrigued by this, started to do the same thing!  They grazed together like a couple of old friends. 

Alfie's lying down in some very green grass and looking up with a quizzical expression
What can I say?  I hadn't had my breakfast yet!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All Better

Well, the bee sting took just a few hours to get over.  However, the vet instructed us to keep Alfie on a home-cooked diet of brown rice and chicken for a few days, then slowly switch back to kibble.

Oh. My.

Alfie's discovered a new raison d'etre:  DINNER!  He's gone from being a good eater to being downright greedy.  No wonder...his food smells really good.  One morning the kids came out to the smell of it simmering on the stove and were all like, "Oh, Mom, you're cooking us breakfast!"  Nope, I sheepishly had to was for the dog...

All I can say is:  Wish us luck switching back!

Alfie sitting on leash and looking up with a happy smile