Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Not too long ago, Alfie was enjoying the snow.

But toward the end of January, as his fur got thicker and thicker, I was no longer sure we had a dog!  Perhaps a bear?

All those curls are extremely cute and huggable...but I was getting so tired of brushing all the time. So I took my clipper blades in for a little seasonal sharpening, and once the weather warmed up, I went to work!

Alfie was really quite patient with it all.  Once I got going, I couldn't believe how much he shrank!  He started to look like a puppy again!  The funny thing is that when I got him to this stage (below), my neck started bugging me and I just had to call it a day.  The neighbors must have gotten a good laugh when I let him out in the yard that night.

Umm...this is embarrassing...

Never fear, I got him finished the rest of the way in good time.  Now we know for sure that spring's here:  the daffodils are in full bloom...

...and Alfie looks like himself again!

I'll leave you with this fun video of Alfie at one of his favorite games:  we call it stair fetch.  He uses the stairs to full advantage! (Please ignore rambling voices off camera!)

[video of Alfie at the top of the stairs; Charissa is off camera down the short flight of eight stairs and throws the ball up for Alfie to fetch.  It bounces around into the upstairs bedrooms and each time she throws it, he brings it back, then drops it down the stairs so it'll roll down the stairs to her to be thrown again!]