Monday, May 21, 2012

Well, Hello There!

This is Alfie's not-so-subtle communication method:  The Look.  It's his way of telling me that I've been at the computer long enough...and wouldn't it be a great time to go outside? ball?...go tracking? some obedience work?

Alfie's face is peeking out from under the table as he gazes up with an intense, focused look
With great patience and persistence, your human can be trained
to do amazing things!

Friday, May 4, 2012

We Interrupt Your Regular Alfie Programming...

...for a shameless plug of Alfie's predecessor, Dakota, featured in this great news story!   We raised him as a guide dog for GDTX, but later he was career changed for diabetic alert work and we were able to do his basic scent training before he went to work with his new partner, Ben.  He'll always have a unique place in our hearts (yes -- have to admit, I cried to see him again!), yet we're glad to be able to share him.  Dakota and Ben seem to be made for each other!

I'll leave you with a cute Alfie picture so he doesn't feel too left out...

It's my blog, after all!...
Well, I guess it IS nice to be related to somedoggy famous.