Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Homecoming

closeup of Alfie's open mouth, panting in the car on the way home
Hey, Alf, we missed you!

Alfie's back home now after 3 1/2 days at the Greenwood School with Tracy.  It was a great experience for him.  When I came to pick him up, he was out romping around the playground with a bunch of little kids, and everyone was just having a great time.  I really enjoyed seeing him interact with them.  Besides the kids, he also got the opportunity to practice being in a different household with new people...go to different places on his walks...Tracy even worked him around her chickens!  (No chickens were harmed in the making of this guide I'm told!) So thanks to Tracy for a little puppy boot camp.  Hopefully Celia's experience with us has helped broaden her horizons as well!

We're off to church with Alfie...looking at him right now, I'd say we have pretty good odds of him actually sleeping through it for once.  He's exhausted!  And as all you puppy raisers out there know, a tired puppy is a good puppy.  Hooray!


Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Welcome back Alfie!
I wish we could do a 3 day puppy camp, but Toby is stuck with the 3 week one!

Toby's Raiser

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Chicken's wow!!! Now that's exciting! YAY for Alfie being back!

Clive said...

Good to see you back Alfie!

Cassie said...

Glad he's back home!