Saturday, March 6, 2010

Scary Movie

Yesterday Petco was one of our training locations. Alfie's been there before, and has always done pretty well. But yesterday we must've come around feeding time or something: all the little caged critters were actively running around! Spooky! Here's a little video of what ensued.
WARNING: The following video is rated GP for GUINEA PIGS. Parents of young puppies are STRONGLY CAUTIONED!

[Video shows Alfie acting all scared around the guinea pig cage at first he wants to hide behind me...finally summons up the nerve to creep up and investigate...]
...Don't worry, he recovered from his fright pretty quickly. Funny puppy!


Tabatha said...

so cute!! I liked how he would get brave and then run and sit by you again!

Cassie said...

Awww, poor thing!