Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rainy Day

Our days have been so full lately...work, school, training...but today, had to take time out for a bit of fun in the rain.

closeup of Alfie's face in the rain; his fur is very dark when it's wet, almost black, and his curls are laying down from the rain so you see his looong eyelashes sweeping out to the sides
With the rest of his fur plastered down, those long eyelashes really stand out!

Alfie loves to wander leisurely around the yard snuffling when it rains...even when it's really pouring.  He doesn't mind getting wet at all.  He'll even stick his head under the down spout where the water is gushing off the roof...funny to watch!  Everything must smell better to him in a rain shower.  I know for sure one thing that smelled very interesting to him in the rain today:  a dead bird.  Actually what happened was, I saw him with something under a big bush...thinking it was a toad (despite their nasty venom/poison/whatever, he still likes to pick them up)...I asked him to "fetch" it to me.  When he got closer I could see...EWWW, SOGGY DEAD BIRD and involuntarily let out some exclamation about how disgusting it was!  Now Alfie was all set for me to PRAISE him for bringing it and when I reacted negatively his tail went down and he started to back off, like, "Oops, never mind, I'll just keep this since you don't want it and I do!"  I caught myself just in time, squelched the gross-out feeling, and put on a big show of how HAPPY I was, decomposing birds are AWESOME, and GOOD BOY, FETCH IT!!!  ...Which brought him cheerily indoors where he dropped it happily and lay down for a nice treat!   What a good dog, he got lots of liver in exchange for the deceased, which was hastily double bagged and put out in the trash...no pictures, I'll leave that to your imagination! 

Such a thankless job I have!
Mom keeps all my best finds to herself!

As a tropical storm meanders across the state, I understand the rain's not going anywhere soon...we'll definitely have to go for a walk in it this afternoon, a good training challenge! 

Looking down, you see a dripping wet Alfie standing with front feet on the step waiting to be let in
Can I come in and roll on the rug now?  Pleease??


The Rhoton Family said...


Lauren, Spike and Clyde said...

I love to watch dogs in the rain. It's so cute. :)

And EW! I probably would've been dry heaving if my pup picked up a dead bird. Kudos to you for letting Alfie know he was such a good boy for "fetching", even though it was a rotting bird. :)

Ruby's Raiser said...

I am LOL over here at the scene: GOOD BOY ALFIE WHAT A GOOOD BOY BRINGS MOMMY A DEAD BIRD! Too cute!!! :D

Becky said...

Oh yikes, dead bird. Alfie - glad you didn't also roll around on the rug.