Friday, June 18, 2010

What's That?

Alfie in his blue work jacket, tail wagging, walking along with me on the sidewalk near a busy intersection

Today we got to walk past something potentially scary...this odd whirly thingy out in front of a car wash.  Well, yes, I know "thingy" is not technically a word, but what would you call it?  Its movement has always gotten my attention as I drive by -- I guess that's what it's designed to do! -- and I've been meaning to work Alfie past it.  I had some slight reservations about this because, to be honest, that thing freaks me out a's wacky!

His reaction was, to say the least, anticlimactic!  Alfie sat and looked it over (his usual response to new stuff), then walked past as calm as you please.  The light changed, cars whizzed past, and he put his ears back a bit as if he understood that traffic is what you really have to watch out for, not silly whirly things!
Alfie sits next to me, watching the THINGY, it's basically a car wash arm with the blue fabric strips on it, motorized and set up vertically on a base so that it twirls erratically

Alfie and I walk past the THINGY as cars pass us on his side

He actually found these balloons quite distracting as they tossed in the breeze.  I think he would've enjoyed sitting and watching them as long as I let him, silly boy!

Alfie's sitting, absorbed in watching a bunch of colorful balloons; I'm bending over trying to get his attention

Then it was on to a store to pick up a few grocery items.  I confess, I am a label reader.  All 3 puppies I've raised so far have eventually figured that out.  They learn that as soon as I start reading a label they may as well settle in and get'll be a while!

Alfie's lying spreadeagled on a concrete floor in front of a shelf of coffee and tea
Mmm, good thing the floor's nice and cool!


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

WOW Alfie - you're a rock star!!!!

Katrin said...

OK WOW that is one of the strangest car wash ad things I have ever seen in my life. Good boy Alfie!

1000 Goldens said...

Alfie we are so proud of you and your good behavior! The picture of you at the store is darling :)

Wendy said...

Lola does the same thing whenever I stop for more than a few seconds, whether it's at the grocery store, visiting w/someone at church, etc. It's TOO funny. Autumn does it, too, to a lesser extent. It's like you say...they must figure they may as well settle in for awhile! :) I <3 guide dog puppies. :)