Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Friend

On our walk yesterday morning, Alfie and I met this friendly horse.

looking through a barbed-wire fence into a green pasture, you see a cream-colored horse

This morning, as we approached the pasture, the horse was way off on the far side...but oh, how Alfie wanted him to come over and say hello!  He sat politely and snuffled the air, hopeful. 

side view of Alfie's furry face as he stares intently across the fence

Sure enough, the horse saw him and pricked his ears...then cantered over to investigate.  So fun to watch them touch noses.  Somehow I wasn't quite able to catch it with the camera, but you get the idea!

the horse's head is reaching through the strands of wire to reach Alfie; he and Alfie have just been sniffing each other's noses

But what really made me laugh was that after a couple minutes, the horse put his head down to crop the grass by the fence.  Alfie, seemingly intrigued by this, started to do the same thing!  They grazed together like a couple of old friends. 

Alfie's lying down in some very green grass and looking up with a quizzical expression
What can I say?  I hadn't had my breakfast yet!


Jan said...

That is so sweet. I always feel sorry for horses all alone in a pasture. They really seem to want a companion.

Wyatt said...

Hi Alfie!!
We have a horsie neighbor. She luvs us and trys to play...we bark, she runs and kicks up her heels...good times!!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Anonymous said...

Horseys look like fun!

I would love to find one somewhere who would like to play :D


Linsay said...

That is so adorable and sweet! Thanks for sharing :-)

Linsay said...

That is so sweet!!! Thanks for sharing! -