Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Dog?

closeup of Alfie's furry brown head and chest as he sits panting in front of an open door
I think I like the sound of that:  "Big Dog."

I always think of Alfie as somewhat on the small side.  He's smart and strong and big enough to do his job just fine.  Still, at 36 pounds soaking wet, Alfie's much smaller than the 50-70 pound labs and shepherds at GDTx.  But today, I stand corrected!

We were rounding a corner at a thrift store when a little girl squealed:  "Oh Mom, look at the little dog!"  "Oh no," her mother corrected, "That's a BIG DOG."

I went on with my shopping and didn't think much of it until our next stop, the grocery store.  As we worked our way through the frozen section, a little boy behind us excitedly pointed us out to his mom:  "Wow, look, a puppy!" Her answer?  "Oh no, that's not a PUPPY.  He's a BIG DOG, look at him working!"  (This was also significant for the fact that she called him a boy...I've learned that to most people, poodle mixes are all "girls"! ) 

Made me chuckle...  Hopefully, if people call Alphini a "BIG DOG" it means he's not acting quite as much like a puppy, right?

Alfie's in his work gear, sitting and smiling up at Katharine, who is doing some obedience work with him on the sidewalk.
Even big dogs have to practice obedience, though!


Erin and Co. said...

Wow weight wise he's tiny! But looks like his brain is far ahead. SMILE!

The Rhoton Family said...

Yes all poodle mixes are girls! GEEZE! LOL! Cute post!

Natalie said...

Good Job Alfie! lol. Nice to see Katharine is still working with him ;)

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Welcome to being a big dog Alfie.