Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adding Up

looking down on Alfie from above as he walks, jacketed, at my side; we're walking quickly so our feet are blurred and his ears are blowing back a little
No big news today, no access-related drama.  Just a good day working with a good puppy...nice for a change.

As we walked today I was thinking of how so many extraordinary things are achieved through small, daily effort.  My wonderful Grandma crocheted each of her granddaughters an heirloom-quality tablecloth or bedspread as a wedding present.  The tablecloth  Grandma made me is among my most treasured possessions.  But I cherish almost equally the little piece of paper in her handwriting that she gave me along with it:  a log of how many stitches...and how many hours...went into her labor of love.  I was thinking today that these ordinary little walks with Alfie are like that...each one a little "stitch" helping to build the valuable gift I hope he'll become.  It all adds up! 

a shot of Alfie & me walking on a downtown sidewalk from about his level; he's panting and happy
Have a great weekend!


Coreena said...

What an inspiring story and thought! Thank you so much for sharing!

Katrin said...

What a great relfection! I have a heavy bed quilt that my great aunt made for me that is a similar story. I love that quilt. She has had to repair it for me in the past when a certain unmentionable corgi ripped a hole in it, but it is good now.

Ruby's Raiser said...

That is a lovely thought and so true. I've been thinking about that myself as we get into the homestretch here. I look back on this year with Ruby and I see how the results of all of our efforts are beginning to reveal themselves. It is so gratifying to see our feisty service puppy growing into such a beautiful dog. :)

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

What a beautiful post and such a neat correlation. I like it!