Monday, January 25, 2010

Growing Up Fast

Alfie sits in some greenery near a tree trunk, looking at the camera.  His curly fur is the color of a dark-roast coffee over most of his body, lighter chocolate around his face and pinkish brown nose.  In the sun his eyes look greenish.
At almost 4 months...Alfie weighed in at 20.2 lb at our vet's office today.  Dr. Boggs thinks he's on track to grow to about a 45-lb ...that's considered "standard" size for doodles, or large in layman's terms.  A great size for a guide dog!  He was one of the larger puppies in his litter, as I recall. 

So far out of my limited experience raising pups for GDTx (he's #3), Alfie is the most intense learner.  He loves, loves, loves his work.  Yesterday he went over and nuzzled his jacket and sat by the front door in hopes of a walk...before we'd even had a chance to let him outside in the morning! Hasn't he ever heard of a shower and breakfast?!  Silly boy!


Erin and her Dogs said...

Wow only 45lbs? That's interesting. The Doodles at Wilderwood were all between 60-70lbs!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

True, you hear a lot about bigger doodles -- I wonder if the bigger ones are goldendoodles, or maybe poodle/lab cross (f1) doodles? Alfie's what they call an Australian labradoodle & the standard size ones are 21-24", so about as tall as a lab, but lighter for their height. We'll see how he turns out! :-)

Clive said...

Clive is 29 kgs (64lbs) but then he is a Goldendoodle and a bit bigger I guess. He is weighed every six months and is nearly five now and has always been around 28-29kgs as are his three brothers who are all working guide dogs.

Great to read about Alfie's enthusiasm!