Thursday, January 7, 2010

...And He's Off!

Alfie walking briskly along in his puppy jacket, head and tail high to college, that is!  While the four of us head to California for a short family trip, Alfie is going to stay with Natalie (  Pretty soon she'll be getting her own GDTx puppy to raise, and who knows, maybe we can return the favor and do some puppysitting for her sometime!  In the meantime, though, Alfie's going to make sure she's all practiced up.  Since Natalie's college classes start back next week, it looks like Alfie will get to join! 

closeup of Alfie's face looking rather thoughtful
Please oh please be a good boy, Alfie! 


L^2 said...

Hope you guys have a good trip! I'm sure Alfie will have lots of fun with Natalie.

Clive said...

Alfie, we have every confidence in you! We're sure you'll be very good!

take care

Cassie said...

Have a good trip! I hope Natalie and Alfie have a great time!