Saturday, December 12, 2009

On the Go

I like this picture because it captures our lives for the last couple of weeks: something of a blur!

blurry shot of Alfie and me on a brisk walkThe early weeks and months of puppyhood are important for socialization, so we've tried to get Alfie out into as many different environments, and around as many different people, as possible.

One of this week's stops was the grocery store.

Alfie in his jacket, sitting and looking eagerly at me, in front of a giant red cement apple at the front of the grocery store Ready?

Alfie sniffs a seam in the floorAlfie and I walk down the grocery aisle

Alfie examines a change in the flooring before trotting down the aisles with me.

Another day, we went for a little jaunt downtown.

Alfie sniffs a manhole cover

What in the world is this?

Alfie going up some steps

Alfie bounces down the courthouse steps, front paws in midair

...and down...the courthouse steps!

This morning, we stopped by a farmer's market.

Alfie strains toward a chalkboard near a stand of lettuce

Hey, don't we need some lettuce?

In case you're worried that we're wearing out the little guy...don't! The only one getting worn out here is the driver, I think. That's because, although we go on many different walks, at this age we only walk for a very short time -- just enough for Alfie to have a good training experience -- then leave while he's still eager and happy. The funny thing is that although it may take me ten minutes or so to get ready to go, and another fifteen to twenty minutes to drive to the walk location, the walk itself may only take ten minutes! So we sometimes laugh about calling it a walk when it's really more of a drive!

In any case, Alfie loves his outings and has already learned our getting-ready routines. When the leash and jacket come out he gets all excited and bouncy, controlling himself just long enough for me to get the jacket on.

Alfie in the sunshine, sitting and looking up

Let's go!


Natalie said...

He is too cute!

Clive said...

Hi Alfie

It's wonderful to see your training photos! I arrived here at 18 months fully trained and the family never got to see 'in training' puppy photos of me.

We are enjoying your training photos so much.

take care
Clive and family

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Aw, thanks Clive! I'll bet you were a cute puppy! :-)