Monday, April 9, 2012

Day at the Park

Easter weekend was the perfect time for the family to go to a new park...we've been to Doling park before, actually, but it's been closed for renovations since last summer.  We loved the beautiful new landscaping, tranquil pond, and scenic walkways.  We  enjoyed the flocks of ducks and geese.  Alfie didn't even attempt to chase them...though, if he'd been off leash, I'm sure it would've been a different story!  Loved this neat cave (below), and a plaque explaining the history of the site.

Alfie sitting at the mouth of a dark cave, overgrown with moss and ferns

As usual, Alfie attracted lots of attention.  In general -- whoever sees Alfie loves him, and he loves them right back.  A good arrangement.  It's interesting how Alfie interacts with people in public; he is good at scaling his enthusiasm up or down to fit the individual.  (At home, he's much more excitable!)  When we meet people who seem confident and dog-experienced, he's definitely a little bouncier, a little more excited.  With young children, he puts his head down to their level and controls himself, not wagging too hard (maybe he doesn't want to scare them away!)  With senior citizens, he will stand quite still and careful.  What a good boy!

People always are curious to know what kind of dog he is.  I heard a new one at the park this time:  a little boy pointed at Alfie and, looking up to his dad, asked, "Hey, what kind of dog is that?  A Doberman?"  
picture of Doberman on the left, all sleek and short-haired and shiny, with prick ears; picture of Alfie on the right; he does have the same basic build I guess, but his woolly coat and floppy ears hide it pretty well!

Hmm...maybe if he changed his fur?

Have a good week, everyone!


Lisa, Ellie and Clara said...

oh my goodness. A doberman - that's funny!

Lisa, Ellie and Clara said...

oh my goodness. A doberman - that's funny!

Oskar said...

Oh he's way to fuzzy to be a dobie!

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Nubbin wiggles,