Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miss Me? (by Alfie)

Alfie, fur freshly trimmed, sitting on the porch looking over his shoulder

Well, if you've missed me here the last couple of weeks, it's 'cause I've been super busy taking care of Mom.  First she goes and steps in a mole hole and twists her ankle despite the fact she's only got 2 feet to keep track of!  Poor clumsy thing. 

She got better and I knew right off I had to get her back going for walks again.  With the weather nicer, we've been going all kinds of places.

Alfie's standing on a park bench next to Beth, who's smiling; this is pre-clip so he's much shaggier
Can't believe she let me sit on this bench!

Alfie wading gingerly through a pond

Alfie on a woodsy path; he's putting his muddy front paws up on a log that's fallen across the path
It's hard to look noble and inspiring when your paws are muddy.

Back view of Beth & Alfie at the edge of a rocky cliff looking out over a pond; I'm sitting with my legs hanging over and have my arm over Alfie, who's standing next to me

Looking down a winding woodsy path, you can see Beth smiling & leaning against a tree while Alfie dances on his hind legs
Sometimes when you get real just have to dance!

Just when things were getting back to normal she gets sick again!  This time a sinus infection.  I took good care of her though.  When she's sick she just lays there so I figure she needs entertainment.  I try to provide this by bringing her things...socks, my ball, a pencil, gum out of Grandma's purse, whatever I can find!  I've heard that people need lots of mental stimulation to keep healthy so I try to provide that for her.

Whew, Monday she said she was feeling better!  Uh-oh...guess what that meant?

Alfie's in the tub, soaked, getting a bath and doesn't look too thrilled about it...when he's wet he looks skinny and it makes his long beard hang down
Let's put the camera away, shall we?

And the very NEXT day...out came the clippers!  I guess she really IS doing better.

Then to my new vet!  Unlike some people I know -- according to the vet I'm "the picture of health."  Woo hoo!  I took full advantage of the chance to make a bunch of new friends -- people, dogs, and cats.  Some of the dogs in the waiting room were not quite as happy as I was about being there, I wonder why?  When I sat nicely on the scale to be weighed the vet tech just sighed and said, "Wow, I wish ALL my patients were that good."  I gave her a big kiss for that!  Since I was so nice for my exam and shots, she asked Mom if I could have a treat.  Mom said yes, and I tried to help matters along by sitting nicely as soon as I heard the word "treat."  That sure made the lady laugh!  If there's one thing I can tell all you young pups, it's this:  Do what you have to, to impress the people with food!

That's it for now, I've gotta check and see if Mom needs another walk. 

closeup of Alfie's face, bright eyes staring intently up at the camera
Wag. Walk. Repeat!



Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Oh dear, sorry mom hasn't been a picture of health lately, but glad to hear Alfie sure is. Although I gotta say, you're a skinny boy under all that fur!! Hope everyone is able to walk, run and rest in good health here on out!

Elijah and Dembre said...

What a beautiful dog Alphi has turned out to be!

Becky said...

So glad your mom has had such a great nurse, Alfie. Sinus infection ... miserble! Glad you are feeling better!

Wonky Girl said...

Wonderful post. Enjoyed reading it so much :)

L^2 said...

Aww.. Alfie you're such a good boy to take care of your Mom. Hopefully you'll both stay healthy now, so you can continue to have fun.

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

YAY - glad your back Alfie and glad your mom is feeling better!

Jan said...

Humans are so vulnerable. Dogs rule.