Monday, December 13, 2010


Family update:

The view from my van on moving day:  It's overcast, the Missouri welcome sign is on the side of the road, and ahead is a 26-foot U-Haul towing our little red car

We made it to Missouri...guess what, it snows here!  We're settling in and enjoying my Mom's hospitality while waiting for our house in Austin to close (looks like it'll be before Christmas).  Soon we hope to start looking for a place of our own.  Everything has gone really smoothly so far, and we've got a lot to be thankful for!

Alfie update:

I hear from Larry that Alfie's been having quite an adjustment period with his new raiser!  His new family has kids, an older dog, and an assortment of other animals, from what I understand:  cat, birds, tortoise, and a miniature horse if I've got it right.  Sounds like he's had some issues with settling down and determining his place in his new family "pack".  Some readers may remember that when he went on puppy swap before, he "forgot" some of his training (finds and things), and that's been happening again.  Larry said he thought it was Alfie's way of reacting to the stresses in his new environment.  However, Larry says he's settling in much better now and seems to be getting more comfortable with it all.  I know this is going to be such a maturing experience for him and certainly appreciate all the work his new family is putting in! 

Larry also said that the assessment, previously scheduled for January, is now being delayed until the spring.  Maybe some extra "growing-up" time is a good thing though, given all the adjustments Alfie's undergoing!  He has tons of potential and I'm really expecting good things from him as he goes along. 

In the meantime, I'll leave you with an Alfie picture.  All my good Alfie pictures are on a computer that's still packed away -- oh well!  This one's framed funny but I love his expression.

Alfie's panting, eager face is looking up
Be a good boy for me, Alf!


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

It's nice to hear from you, Beth! I'm sorry Alfie has had some trouble with the adjustments, but it's certainly to be expected. Glad that you and your family are settling in, though--how nice to be at your mom's for a while. I think changes are exciting overall, even though there are stresses, too. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas in MS!

Becky said...

Such a fun surprise to see your update! glad things are going well with your move. Wishing Alfie well in his adjustment, too.

L^2 said...

Sorry to hear Alfie has been stressing over all the changes in his life, but it's very nice to see an update from you. Glad you guys are settling in well.

Melissa Mitchell said...

Thanks for the update. From everything you've said about him Aphie is a solid pup, he'll bounce back and be his happy golucky self in no time:)

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Thanks so much for the update - we've missed you!
It had to be so hard for you guys to say goodbye to Alfie; but I'm glad to hear he is doing well!
Merry Christmas

Rudy's Raiser

Becky said...

Congratulations! You are the winner of my giveaway for the book - comment #5!! If you'll email me at with your address -I will send it on its way! Hope things are going well.