Sunday, October 17, 2010

Alfie's A Winner!

...And here he is sporting his winnings:  a custom-made collar from Mimi and Cabana's birthday giveaway!  We've enjoyed following Mimi and Cabana's journey on their terrific blog, Ours for a Lifetime.  Mimi is also a talented crafter with a delightful online boutique, Sheekoo  (very fun to check out, by the way!)  Which is probably why she can do amazing things like effortlessly whip out adorable dog collars!

Even working dogs have a fun 'bout this sporty orange collar?
Here's a better picture of the collar from the side...sturdy nylon webbing with accent material stitched on top.

It also has pretty heavy-duty fittings, all nice and secure.  The pattern's great for a boy dog, all trucks and stuff, and there's even a dog riding in the back of one of the trucks...

We like the orange.  When we got Alfie as a baby puppy he wore an orange collar and they called him "orange boy!"  Plus, with Austin being the home of the UT Longhorns, you just can't go wrong with that color.  So...maybe it's not quite regulation...but he's enjoying it for the time being! 

...Thank you Mimi!

Is someone getting tired of posing for pictures?!


Becky said...

Congrats, Alfie. How fun to have a new styling collar. We have a new purse we LOVE from Sheekoo. She is so talented (and so are you)

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Yay! The collar looks great on Alfie! I was hoping you'd notice the dog riding in the back of the truck. Orange was a good choice for him. Thanks for the shout out!