Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nail-Polish Peril

Sandal weather has definitely arrived!  On Saturday I decided it was time for some pretty toenail polish.  Now, I don't wear polish on my fingers (can't seem to keep my hands still long enough for it to dry)...and on my toes, only in the warmer weather.  So this was the first time I'd gotten the polish out since Alfie joined our family.  I opened the bottle and...GRRR...WOOF!

"Alfie, quiet." 

"Mmmggg."  He knows how to growl with his mouth closed...keeping the letter of the law while still registering his disapproval!  I ignore him and attempt to continue...

"Woo-roo-roo!"  Now he's bouncing around, all sassy.  I have him sit, and then down, while I finish.  Phew!  Okay, so far so good.

closeup of the bottom of the nail polish bottle; it's purple polish, and the title is A Grape Fit
Maybe it's just the color he doesn't like...

A few minutes later, it's time for the second coat.  I wait til Alfie's out of the room...laid out in the flying-squirrel position...looks asleep.  Yay!!  I sneak back to my bathroom and ever so quietly unscrew the polish.

"Gruff, WOOF-WOOF-WOOF!"  He's back in the doorway, jumping around and barking red alert.  Nothing wrong with that nose I guess!  I shrug and ignore him...he stalks off looking a bit offended that I didn't take his dire warning seriously.

The good news?  When I did the girls' nails for Easter he totally ignored it.  Well, almost totally...he did leave the room!

closeup of Alfie's scruffy face
I'm telling you, I get no respect around here!


Michelle said...

im glad you have to live with the silly doodle and not me! :)

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Have you ever used Bitter Apple spray to deter Alfie from chewing things? I wondered, because Cabana reacts similarly to my hair spray, which I think smells kind of like Bitter Apple. After I've used hair spray, if I walk by Cabana and she gets a whiff, she gets spastic and prances around, snorting.

But all three products have that same alcohol-type smell. Maybe dogs just hate that smell?

Or maybe Alfie's telling you he wants HIS nails polished?!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Haha Michelle -- Yep, never a dull moment at our house! ;-)

Mimi & Cabana -- Who knows? That sounds as good an explanation as any...I just thought it was funny!

Becky said...

Oh, that is funny! I am the same way --- love to have pedicures but not much with the fingernails these days.

Ruby's Raiser said...

Ha, must be the smell, but did you do the girls' nails in the same color/brand?

I remember taking Roo into a nail salon briefly when she was teeny tiny and she just snorted at all the scents.

We have a guest post cued up for tomorrow along these same lines -- I get such a kick out of all of the puppy raisers' similar experiences!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Good point, Ruby's Raiser -- the girls did theirs in different colors AND brands! I guess when you think about how strong the smell is to us...and how much more sensitive dogs' noses are than ours...it's not too surprising they react. Still, I've never had a dog react quite like Alfie! ;-)

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

oh my gosh - that's the funniest story! :D